Guarantee: We at Epagneul Breton de Broughton have the responsibility to provide you a healthy well socialized puppy which genetically contains all the necessary attributes needed to become everything you are looking for in a hunting dog and/or a family pet.

We do guarantee the pups health against major genetic defects until 3 years of age, but make no guarantees as to hunting abilities of individual pups. It is the owner's responsibility to spend the required training time to bring out the highest potential of the pup. We will advise and help in any way we can as you train your new pup.

Pups will leave our facility with all the proper shots and veterinary health check. We at Epagneul Breton de Broughton recommend a complete health examination of your new pup within 10 weeks of age. We will replace/refund purchase price (at the discretion of the breeder) if a legitimate health problem is detected and it is determined by a veterinary examination that it was the fault of the breeder. We will do so only upon the receipt of the pup and a veterinary health certificate detailing illness or defect. We will not be responsible for any veterinary costs in lieu of replacement pup.

If major genetic problem is detected within 3 years of age, Epageul Breton de Broughton will replace the dog with a pup upon documentation neutering or spaying. The breeder is not liable for any treatment of purchased dog unless agreed upon in writing by the breeder in lieu of providing a replacement pup.

Please note - Our veterinarian must confirm all health issues.
- This guarantee applies to the original owner only.
- If in the event a female is bred this warranty is void.
- Pedigree name must be the given name by Epagneul Breton de Broughton

Owner responsibilities: The purchaser agrees to maintain the dog in a humane environment and to properly train, socialize and care for it. The dog will also be properly licensed and receive appropriate veterinary care and scheduled inoculations.
Purchase agreement may be sent in with your deposit:

Purchaser's Name (Print): ________________________________________

Address: _____________________________________________________


Telephone: (___) ___________________________________

E-mail: __________________________

Signature: ___________________________________

Date: __________________________


Purchase Price: $_______________




Steve & Cristin Broughton