Choosing a puppy?



The picking process takes place at 5 weeks of age. Honestly at this age, one can only determine the color and markings. During your visit the puppies may be reserved, demonstrative, active, or quiet.

The experienced breeder, who on our case has spent countless hours monitoring, cleaning and litter box training the puppies since birth knows the personality traits, nose quality, intelligence, and what they may look like as adults.

All of our breeding stock has been carefully selected with temperament in mind. The choice of more or less dominance and activity level is typically subtle and may only make a slight difference that would otherwise be unnoticed.

Each and every puppy in the litter will receive all of the necessary care and attention that they need in order to grow up into happy, secure adults. The environment the puppy lives and matures in will greatly affect its behavior and personality as an adult. What you do with your puppy will make much more of the difference for the life of the dog than as you see it in the litter.

This means that you will have a direct effect on the puppy after it is living with you. The more time you spend with your new friend the better chance you have of it growing into the dog you want. Regardless of the selection method used, you cannot expect a dog to continue to develop without your guidance.

We send many successful puppies across North America with the owners choosing only by photo or video.

At Epagneul Breton de Broughton we believe all of the puppies we produce possess the qualities to become superior gundogs. It is the breeding that you choose not necessarily an individual pup.



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