The dreaded Sable color



In 2010 the Club Epagneul Breton France deemed the sable color or "reverse tri-color" a genetic coloration defect therefore classified the color an eliminating fault or "Not Standard" for the breed. Breeders in Europe quickly eliminated this coloration from their gene pool controlling the onslaught in their lines.

Currently in the United States there are many breeders that continue to use this coloration in their breeding contaminating the breed. We are very concerned what this will eventually do to the gene pool in North America….

These breeders know this color is rejected and are producing offspring only for profit, they may say the dog is orange tri-color, brown, or liver only to deceive the consumer. Overseas if a breeder were to continue such careless practices, they would be pressured by the parent club and their peers forcing them to instill changes in their breeding program. In the United States breeders have few restrictions or limitations therefore, it has been left to the decisions of "quality breeders" not to sell to careless breeders or outsource their sires to these lines.

We have many inquiries from potential buyers about the differences between the American Brittany and the Epagneul Breton. One major difference is the genetic quality of the Breton unfortunately America is changing that quickly.
Broughton Kennels will ALWAYS adhere to the breeding practices instilled in France and will continue to inform the consumer to purchase responsibly. We will also aid any breeder who chooses to eliminate the sable coloration in their line.

CEB-US sable policy


Steve & Cristin Broughton