Housebreaking can be very frustrating for many new puppy owners. We have come up with a simple training regiment for a fast effective method of housebreaking.

We spend many hours litter box training all of our puppies prior to departing to their new homes. This is an important step in the housebreaking process. They are kept in a clean environment emulating your home, then willingly they soil where allowed. You must transfer this training to your residence for quick effective housebreaking.

PRIOR to your puppies arrival to your home purchase a small plastic crate, the area must be big enough for it to stand and turn around but small enough in the event it soils it must lie in it, it has been trained not to soil where it sleeps. This crate will be its "home base" and your control of its soiling.

When you arrive at home with your puppy, place it in its crate for sometime to nap. After it wakes take it outside and PHYSICALLY SEE IT relieve itself . Give it 3-5 minutes.
-If it does; bring it in and play with it for 10-15 minutes, then back in the crate.
-If it doesn't; bring it in back in the crate, try again in 15 minutes.

This should be repeated every:
1-2 hours age 8-10 weeks.
2-4 hours age 10-12 weeks.
A good rule of thumb, a puppy can hold soiling per hour for every month it is old.
As the puppy ages extend its playtime in the home.

Remember your puppy wants to please YOU rubbing its nose in a soiled area will only confuse and frighten it. Never leave it in the home unattended, someone must be watching it at all times, if you must take your eye off of even for a second, place it back in the crate. If it starts to soil in the home give it a stern NO, it must be corrected within 5 SECONDS of the wrongdoing, pick it up and bring it immediately outside. Use Natures Miracle to thoroughly clean the area of any odor and don't let puppy see you cleaning after it in the home.

A puppy will soil when:
-It wakes up from a nap.
-Shortly after it is fed.
-After it is released from its crate.
-It smells a soiled area.

If you must leave the puppy for more than 2 hours place it in a "kennel" type area large enough where it can soil in one area and lay in another, place it in the garage or laundry room (temperature permitting), somewhere secluded from the rest of the house. Use an absorbent material such as a piddle pad or a litter box of Carefresh Ultra in the area to be soiled.

You will know when you can trust your dog, take its progression a little at a time and don't set it up to fail.

To be effective this training must be done CONSTANTLY, it won't take long, and you will definitely reap the benefits.



Steve & Cristin Broughton



copyright 2008 ebbroughton